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Construction of the new Children’s Ministry Building continues, which will house Trinity Kids Corner, but will also have multi-purpose rooms where the Junior Daughters of the King, the Junior Brotherhood of St. Andrew, TnT, Children’s Chapel, Youth, and other ministries (such as Sunday School) can meet. Our Youth will also have dedicated space in the old TKC building, which will be renovated to meet their needs after TKC moves into the new building. Minister of Youth Formation Alyssa Stebbing is leading the design team, which will include construction professionals. The Children’s Ministry Building is scheduled for completion in November 2018, but will not be ready for occupancy until December as we need time to bring in furniture, security and audio-visual systems, complete landscaping, etc.

Below you’ll find some of the questions that have come up recently and most frequently, along with the answers. Do you have questions that aren’t answered below? Please don’t hesitate to ask them. You may speak with any member of the Trinity Tomorrow Steering Committee: Gary Underwood, Steve Isphording, Larry Martz, Randy Redd, Scott Frnka, Richard Bosley and Susan Mayer or email or call Fr. Gerry.

Frequently Asked Questions                                                         


When we talk about “children” and “youth,” what age groups are we addressing?

For the purposes of all children and youth ministries at Trinity, we put kids in the following groups: children (ages newborn -12), and youth (ages 13-18).


Is the new space much different from what we had before?

The new Children’s Ministry Building is larger, more modern, will be better constructed, and will allow for state licensing for a child care center if we choose to pursue that in the future. It will cost less to maintain and it will bring the children closer to the worship building on Sundays. It will also give all the children’s ministries room to meet and grow.  Children’s ministry leaders including Amanda Boling of TKC, along with Father Gerry and other staff and members, were consulted throughout the process to ensure that the new space meets the needs of our children.

In the new Children’s Ministry Building, TKC uses four rooms, does that leave enough space for other children’s activities?

There are five classrooms, one nursery, and one playroom as well as a large multi-purpose room. Children’s ministry and formation activities can be scheduled at times that TKC is not open. While TKC has its own ministry and programs, it also offers child care for all parish activities when appropriate or requested. Moreover, there is no reason why any of the children and youth cannot use any of those rooms when they are available. We also wanted to offer the youth a space they would make their own, so they will have that in the old TKC space.


If a community group like AA meets in the multi-purpose building, will the same facility be used for child care?

The odds are that they will not use that space when other children are in there. Other churches have meetings in the same building as the nursery. However, we expect that they will be scheduled in other rooms in other buildings.


Will TKC and the nursery have easy access to the new playground?

Not right away, but it is temporary. There are plans for a playground next to the children’s building. Until then, the walk is not that long.


Why do we need to add TKC to the existing state license? Other churches have a preschool and a daycare on their campus; do they have two licenses?

We have been told by the state that they issue only one license per campus, so we would put TKC and TEDS together for licensing purposes. Betsy Delaney and Amanda Boling are on board with this and we are conducting a needs assessment for a licensed daycare in the parish and the community. If we move toward a licensed daycare, we will consult with several other churches in the area. For example, the Methodist Church has one license for all their children’s ministries according to the state licensing representative for The Woodlands.


How much will it cost to renovate the old TKC for the youth?

We expect this to be very little in relative terms and the cost is included in the building estimate for the Children’s Ministry Building. We will get a bid once we are closer to the renovation, but with the help of volunteers, teens doing some of the painting and decorating the main issues will be carpet and bathrooms. Consultation with the youth and youth ministry leaders on the remodeling of the space has begun. Of course, conversion of the TKC space could not happen before the move into the new space by TKC.


Could the new Children’s Ministry Building be used for youth and adult classes rather than TKC?

This would require a whole new design. It was very clear in the survey done 4-5 years ago that the parish wanted our primary focus for Phase One to be on the children. We proceeded in good faith according to the priorities set out by the parish. Also, it is the Children’s Ministry Building, NOT the TKC building. It is for all our children’s ministries with TKC having its ministry located there.


It’s a lot of money for a building designated for ages 18 months and younger.

It is not for only that age group. All the children’s ministries of Trinity and all future children’s ministries will be in the Children’s Ministry Building.


Has the TEDS director been asked for feedback on the future facilities plan?

Betsy Delaney, TEDS, Head of School, is aware and on board with the plan. She continues to be consulted in the planning process.


If there are little people furniture/toys, it wouldn’t be easily turned into adult Sunday school classes on Sunday mornings.

We will have storage and we would not ask you to move the furniture. We still have the three meeting rooms in the Butler Hall building, and the Parlor. Not every room will have little people furniture/toys.


It’s seems to be taking a long time… when will the Children’s Ministry Building be completed?

We have had a few rainy days, but construction schedules are on target for a completion before the end of 2018.


What is going to look like inside? And who chose all the paint and cabinet and carpet colors?

The aesthetics ministry, together with the children’s ministers, were in charge of the interior finishes and coordinated with our architects, Merriman Holt Powell so that the design was one with a long-term vision able to stand the test of time and not be just “trendy”.  The renderings shown on this page do closely reflect the finished product.